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The Packaging Cockpit Team

We want to make an active contribution to reducing ecological problems caused by packaging.

Goal & Mission

The Packaging Cockpit is a tool that calculates the technical recyclability as well as the life cycle assessment of packaging systems. The calculations can be performed for different countries, allowing country-specific evaluations. In addition, further management functions of the packaging portfolio can be performed.

Our goal with the tool is to make the recyclability of packaging systems transparent and thus help companies to make the right decisions when optimizing their packaging portfolio. The Packaging Cockpit is intended to be applied both internally within companies and to entire supply chains. We integrate a scientific database and scientific methods into software that is suitable for mass data.

The Packaging Cockpit Management

Get to know our management team.

Ernst Krottendorfer, Packaging Cockpit

Ernst Krottendorfer

Managing Director
Ernst Krottendorfer is responsible for Packaging Cockpit sales. Thanks to his many years of experience at global players such as Henkel, Coca Cola and Mayr-Melnhof with a strong focus on packaging and sustainability, he was able to implement his vision for efficient packaging management in the supply chain in Packaging Cockpit. As a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Wien in the part-time courses Packaging Technology and Packaging Technology and Sustainability, he uses his vast knowledge to offer students a particularly practical education.
Christian Stiefsohn, Packaging Cockpit GmbH

Christian Stiefsohn

Managing Director
Christian Stiefsohn was invited as CEO of MCP Algorithm Factory 2020 by Ernst Krottendorfer and Manfred Tacker to take over the development of Packaging Cockpit with his team. In 2021, when Packaging Cockpit GmbH was founded, he was appointed Managing Director of Packaging Cockpit and is responsible for operations and marketing. Christian Stiefsohn is an experienced management consultant with excellent industry know-how and many years of experience in sales and implementation of supply chain management software. His focus is on production planning.
Michael Abseher, Packaging Cockpit GmbH

Michael Abseher

CTO, Chief Technical Officer
As CTO, Michael Abseher is the Lead Architect of the Packaging Cockpit and leads the software development of the Packaging Cockpit and supports the system partners in embedding the Packaging Cockpit in their ERP and SCM software. His appointment as CTO is based on his successes at the MCP Algorithm Factory, where he rose to Lead Architect of software development in a short time. As a Doctor of Engineering, he has in-depth knowledge in database modelling, software development and information security.

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