How do you build up your data set in Packaging Cockpit?

Data sets can be created in Packaging Cockpit in various ways:

  • Manual data entry
    • Packaging systems can be created and specifications entered in the intuitive user interface of Packaging Cockpit.
  • Import from suppliers
    • We are happy to support you with the convenient provision of data via interface
  • Copying an existing data set and changing the necessary details
    • The data management area of the Packaging Cockpit enables the clear administration of data records. Here, data records can be copied, sorted and individually structured.

Which data are required?

For the calculation of the recyclability and the life cycle assessment, the input of some important specifications is necessary. An overview of the most important data is listed below:

  • The materials used and their weights
  • Manufacturing processes of the individual components
  • Colour and printing
  • Detailed queries for the individual components
    • Bonding and solubility
    • Surface coverage of the main body by decorations
    • Separability


I already transfer a lot of data via GS1. How does that fit together?

  • GS1 Austria is a partner of the Packaging Cockpit
  • GS1, with its many years of experience in standardization, ensures that the data transmission and data standards of the Packaging Cockpit seamlessly complement the existing system
  • If your company is located in Austria, you can purchase the Packaging Cockpit through GS1 Austria

What do I have to do as a consumer goods manufacturer or retailer to get into Packaging Cockpit?

  • Get in touch with a contact person
  • We clarify with you whether it is more advantageous for you to use the web application or a built-in solution (e.g. SAP) in one of your existing systems
  • If you use the web application, your account manager will advise you on how to prepare the data for electronic import via the standardized web interface
  • If you are using a built-in solution, your implementation partner will advise you on how to make the data available internally in the system with minimal effort

Do you have to transfer all detailed data?

  • No, there is also the possibility to transfer Lean Spec datasets
  • These contain only the key data of the packaging and optionally result values of the calculations of recyclability and LCA data
  • With the Lean Spec Datasets, the most important information is passed on, but no calculations can be performed with it. This also makes it more difficult to copy the packaging

Does the Packaging Cockpit cover all the countries I need?

  • Packaging Cockpit is following this road map to internationalization, small deviations from the schedule are possible.
  • 11.2021: Great Britain, Switzerland, Ireland, France
  • 12.2021: Belgium, Luxembourg,
  • By April 2022: Rest of EU, Norway, USA, Australia

Are my data safe?

  • The Packaging Cockpit is technically structured according to the most modern principles of information security
  • Data transfer from suppliers to customers is carried out internally in the system
  • You decide in the authorization module which of your customers receive which data records

The topic "data security" is very important to us. All data is stored in a data center in Vienna. Data is backed up to another data center once a day to ensure that the system can continue to operate even in the event of a fire. In addition, so-called transaction logs are kept in order to be able to restore the data from any point in time and access to the data by unauthorized third parties is prevented by a multi-level procedure.

I am interested in the Packaging Cockpit, what options are there for me and how can I register?

For more information about the Packaging Cockpit, the integrated functions, and an individual solution for your requirements, contact our consultants for a free consultation.



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